how to make your body alkaline with diet which help to prevent from bacteria and virus to grow

How To Get An Alkaline Body And Why We All Need One

Excessive acid in the body is the reason for most of the long term ailments.
Acid and Alkali, most of us are aware of the concept from the chemistry lessons during school. Here’s a quick brush-up, Acids are known as aqueous solutions they have a pH level of less than 7.0 while Alkalis have a pH level of more than 7.0, water is a neutral component with a pH of 7.0.

Your metabolism that is the conversion of food into energy, the stomach secretes gastric acid and the process is usually compared to fire as it involves a reaction that breaks down

a solid mass. However, the chemical reactions in your body happen during a slow and controlled manner.

When things burn, ash residue is left behind. Similarly, the food we eat leaves “ash” residue referred to as metabolic waste.

This metabolic waste is often alkaline, neutral, or acidic. Proponents of this diet claim that metabolic waste directly affects the body’s acidity. In other words, if you are consuming food that leaves acidic ash makes your blood more acidic and eating foods that leave alkaline ash makes blood more alkaline. When the body is in alkaline state body has better immunity against all bacteria and viruses. This also helps to clean out toxic waste easily, thus eliminating the chances of terminal illnesses.

An alkaline diet is additionally referred to as the acid-alkaline diet or alkaline ash diet. With diet, one can alter the pH value that is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of the body. Alkalis neutralize acids while Acids are corrosive.

Food groups that are considered acidic, alkaline and neutral:

Acidic: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Grains, Alcohol

● Neutral: Natural Fats, Natural Starches and Natural Sugars

● Alkaline: Fruits, Nuts, Legumes and Vegetables

These simple tips will help you to alkalize the body:

Root Vegetables

Sweet potato, taro root, lotus root, beets and carrots are great sources of alkali. They taste best when roasted with a touch sprinkling of spices and other seasonings. most frequently, they’re overcooked which makes them lose out all their goodness. concentrate while cooking or you can eat as raw salads.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

The seasonal fruits and vegetables have all the vitamins and nutrients that a body needs in that particular season. So, it is wise to eat the fruits and vegetables when it’s their season as all foods in nature give energy. Fruits in monsoon season are naturally rich in vitamin-C which is needed to fight against infections that we are prone to in that season.


Love to munch on nuts when hunger kicks in? Besides being a source for good fats, they also produce an alkaline effect in the body. As they are high in calories, it is important to have limited quantities of nuts. Include cashews, chestnuts and almonds as your daily snack. Things to be noted while having nuts is that never mix fruits (that include dry fruits) and nuts as it will cause fermentation in the body. Whenever having nut or fruit always maintain a minimum of 2 hours gap.

Lime or Lemon Shots

Whenever you feel that body is acidic or ate acidic residue food as mentioned earlier, have a shot of lemon. It’s easy to make take 2-3 lemon (based on your need), take the juice and add the same amount of water (1:1 ratio) and gulp it! As simple as that! You can also add ginger to the shot, especially in cold weather. Though acidic in property, lemon helps to convert acidic food residue into alkaline during digestion.

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