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10 Proven Ways To Stop Worrying

Unless used as an inspiration, worry is a totally useless human behavior. Worry does not provide solution to a problem, but it makes it much worse in your mind. And it affects your body in ways that leave long term impact. Worry can lead to terminal diseases. It’s important for us to go from worry to wisdom, so we can come up with solutions for the particular situation which is creating the worry.

Worrying basically having your thoughts stay in past or the future. Something that has happened in the past, be it yesterday, last hour or a minute before, keeps your mind occupied. Or you are concerned about something that may happen in the future. In both cases, you are being absent your life in the present. While it’s important to learn from the past experiences or plan for the future, being worried about either is not helpful.

Different methods work for different people when it comes to worrying. Mostly it’s about staying present. So whatever helps you to focus on your activities or environment of the moment is the best way to get out of worrying.

Though the effect may vary, here are a ways to stop your mind from wandering into the worry zone.

1. Note Your Thoughts Down

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When you find yourself consumed with endless negative thoughts, find a piece of paper, a notebook, a journal or even a keyboard and write every little thing down. This is the easiest way to get your worrying thoughts out of your head. This way it will go on to a paper.

It works for positive thoughts just as well. These thoughts are your life experiences. Which can inspire and push you towards a whole new direction in life. This can be the foundation for a new business idea, a play, a film, a book… once a worrying thought is written down, it becomes a concept, which you can analyze with an outsider perspective. This little shift makes a world of difference. Once your mind is cleared out, it becomes a fertile land of solutions for all your problems and worries.

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2. Put Your Phone Down

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Phone screens emit a light that keeps our body in alert mode. Which keep all the cells active and our mind in defensive state. Though this happens unconsciously, over time it affects the conscious mind also. When our body and mind is alert for too long without actually being able to release the stress that’s built up, the natural tendency is the body to find an outlet. But if we are constantly on alert mode, our body and mind do not get the time and space for this release. So use your screen efficiently and put them away whenever possible.

3. Stay Out Of Social Media

stay out  of social media | Wellnia

Comparison in the enemy of the well-being. Your well-being is entirely about yourself. On social media, you are constantly bombarded by moments from other people’s lives. Though it can be entertaining to certain extend, eventually it becomes about you vs them. You will gradually get to a state where you start to compare your life with others. If you are already worrying about something and you reach for social media, your worries will quickly pile up.

4. Engage In Physical Activities

Physical activity | Wellnisa

The most effective solution to worrying is keeping your body active. Go for a run, a walk, stretch, do any activity that you enjoy. It changes the rhythm of your heart beat and breath. Which quickly takes your body and mind to a new place where previous worries don’t exist.

5. Listen To Music

Music is the fastest way to travel. It takes you to a new place in your body and mind within a matter of seconds. Worries are not allowed in that journey. Next time you feel worried or stressed, try music.

To eliminate all your stress and worries, start moving to the music. Dancing takes your body to a joyful place almost immediately.

6. Create Something

creative pursuit Ideas | Wellnisa

Be it a painting, a drawing, or little curio… create something. That will get you out of the slumber and somber mood. Channeling stuck energy into creation is satisfying. And makes you hopeful. The final result does not even matter. When you find your mind wandering over to worry side, it’s the best time to start a new hobby or pursue an old one.

6. Spend Time With Friends

spend time with friends | Wellnisa

Spending time with people you like is always effective. If you are on creative pursuit together, sharing ideas or simply having a conversation help our spirit open up. Always look out for people who make you feel good.

7. Spend Time In Nature

Nature is the ultimate therapist. Go for long walks in the sun. Breathe fresh air. And talk to trees, they are good listeners. Also, they don’t gossip.

8. Meditate

meditation ideas | Wellnisa

Inside all of us, there’s a joyful self. Meditation, by helping you to get back in touch yourself, will reveal that part to you.

9. Eat Fruits Or Vegetables

Eat food that contains life force energy such as fruits and vegetables. They help you feel better from the inside. Vegetables help clear out stuck energies in the system. Fruits contain natural sugar. While being light on the digestive system, they provide quick energy boost.

10. Sleep

sleep bed | wellnisa

And sleep is the ultimate cure for any problem in life.

We know it’s hard for the body to fall asleep when the mind is in worry mode. Here are a few proven ways to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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