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Spending Too Much Time On The Screen? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

As adults, we’re pretty savvy when it involves advertising and commercials. Those juicy cheeseburgers or shiny cars look appealing, even though we know the tricks advertisers use to tempt the viewers from upbeat music to attractive young models.

Now, what percentage folks have tapped an icon on the phone to see a quick email but ended up spending hours and later wonder where the time went? When it involves our phones and other digital technology, we would not be as savvy as predicted because unconsciously these technologies have a hand on us to control.

Product engineers and designers use colour like red in notifications to provoke an emotional response that makes the user click. Or that auto-play functions are designed to hijack logic.

Nowadays you can see kids are addicted to a mobile phone than toys as young ones, learn primarily through imitation. If a toddler sees his parents or anyone in the house glued to a phone, they will learn to value screen time, vicariously than toys or books. He will instinctively sense that at some point, and the possibility of graduating to a more “adult” type of entertainment. Children will subconsciously value screen time as an essential sort of entertainment and luxury.

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Despite all the benefits of technology, your smartphone shouldn’t be your only friend and conversation partner in this world. Phone addiction is quite similar to addiction like alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. For sure, it won’t cause you to injure to your physical health but its “toxicity” affects human consciousness and relations with the people around you.

Below are effective methods you can try

Do phone-free periods every day

You must be aware that you don’t need the phone with you all the time. So why not get rid of the device during dinner, while watching a movie or while talking to your family. Schedule your phone use and arrange phone-free periods. Put the phone off or DND mode when you’re busy with something else. Starting with this easy trick will reduce distraction and you can see how quickly you become less hooked into your phone.

Keep the phone away from the bedroom.

The phone reachable from your bed gives the tendency to use it before sleep or as soon as you woke up. Researchers claim that using mobile devices before sleep activates the nervous system that keeps you up for a long time. So putting your gadget away will not only help you to lessen addicted to your phone but also promote quick falling asleep and easy waking up in the morning.

Change the thoughts.

Change of thoughts will refresh your emotions and has a high influence on your attitude towards gadget use. Be aware that is it so essential to browse the phone frequently as it could appear. Whenever you’re tempted to text or read the news feed, ask yourself if this is so urgent or can be postponed.

Be accountable

Once you have decided to limit the time spent on a mobile phone, track the usage with available application that you can download and set a goal so that you can slowly start track yourself how much time you are spending on which application and accordingly you can limit the usage and progress yourself towards the goal.

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