Make Perfect “Learn From Home” Space For Your Children

The pandemic has led everyone including children across the globe to adopt a new lifestyle. As students tackle distance learning during the pandemic, they’ll find it hard to feel as if they’re at school when in fact they’re studying from home. Which can make them feel detached or bored very easily.

How parents can help here?

  • Choose a location with less distractions – look around your home for other areas where you can limit disruptive sights and sounds.
  • Work together with your kid(s) to help them fill their space with necessary, age-appropriate supplies – make sure it doesn’t fill the area (keep room for growth).
  • Do note that some kids concentrate better when they’re allowed to fidget. You can consider to have Squishy ball, Rubik’s cube, Silly Putty or something else to keep their hands busy.
  • Remember breaks and healthy snacks. Don’t ignore the importance of movement and nutrition. Give them healthy snacks like dried fruits or nuts rather than packed or instant foods.
  • Try to keep the learning space used only for learning that is attending classes, doing homework, studying, for instance. If this is not possible, you can use shared or multipurpose space. But keep the place in such a way that signal your child when it’s time to study. Clear off all other materials from that space.
  • You can easily relate how painful it can be to sit in an uncomfortable chair for hours. It’s no different with your kids. Make sure the chairs used are comfortable and provide sufficient back support.
  • Talk to your child each day about what he learned that day, whether he/she found it interesting. A student with engaged parents will be more motivated.
space for kids for study | Wellnisa

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