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What is hemp used for? A guide to the facts

Hemp seeds are probably the foremost popular application of hemp because it’s so nutritious. Hemp protein powder is popular among vegetarians and athletes. Just like flax and chia seeds hemp seed is known as a superfood.

Hemp Seed Flour is gluten-free, nutritious, and a superb source of energy. The Seed Flour contains 33% protein. It’s easily digested and ideal for those who are allergic to nut, dairy, gluten or wheat.

Do You Know?

1 Acre of hemp produces as much fibre as 2 to three acres of cotton. It is stronger and much softer than cotton, lasts thrice as long as cotton, and will not mould.

Cotton requires a moderate climate and more water than hemp, whereas hemp is frost tolerant and less water required.

Also, cotton requires large quantities of pesticides and herbicides—According to report 50% of the world’s pesticides/herbicides are utilized in the production of cotton. Hemp requires no pesticides nor herbicides and can grow in moderate amounts of fertilizer.

Yearly, 1 acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 2 to 4 acres of trees. From napkins to cardboard and all kinds of paper products can be produced from hemp. The quality and durability of hemp paper are superior to tree-based paper. Hemp paper will last more than 100 years without degrading and can be recycled more times than tree-based paper also it requires less toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process than paper made up of trees.

Fibre From Hemp

The fibre produced from hemp is found to be more superior to graphene which is used for supercapacitors and batteries

This may be hard to imagine that hemp fibre can fortify buildings because of their strength. 70% of the plant’s total weight belong to its woody inner core. The inner core of the plant can be used for construction. Builders make hempcrete by combining lime and hemp hurd as it’s less brittle compared to concrete resulting in more immune to damage. Hence, less ought to fortify your structure with additional joints. Hemp is also an ingredient in composite materials. Structural hemp may be a newer development. Techniques and Effectiveness are rapidly evolving day by day. Fibreglass and hemp bast fibre combine to form a robust material which is impact-resistant.

Also, hemp biofuel can replace petroleum oil. Unlike electric cars, nobody needs to buy new cars.  existing infrastructure can be used! According to Thomas B. Reed, a chemical engineer at Colorado School of Mines, an acre of hemp can produce power concurrent to 1000 gallons of gasoline. Imagine the sustainability benefits that will bring. No wonder oil companies hate hemp.

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