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Nap | Wellnisa

How long your nap should be?

Naps are often taken as a response to the feel of drowsiness during day time and for years, scientists are investigating the advantages of napping, including the 30-minute nap similarly as sleep durations of 1–2 hours. Performance across a large range of cognitive processes has been tested Do you know that there are 4 stages in sleep Nap duration which starts from relaxing muscles to…

Seasonal Vegetable Series: Vegetables of May

Vegetables with images (These vegetables are commonly found in India and South East Asia) Dodka Zucchini Bitter gourd Onion Garlic Cucumber Red Pumpkin Capsicum Radish Tomato Shevga Ginger Aubergine (Egg plant) Gawar (Cluster Bean) Bhendi (Okra) Palak Coriander Potato

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